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California Pacific Requirements
  • At least 21 years of age
  • Current passport or other travel documents enabling the bearer to freely exit and re-enter the U.S. (multiple reentry status) and be legally eligible to work in the U.S. (possess proper working documents)
FAA Requirements
  • FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
  • Current FAA First Class Medical Certificate
  • Minimum of 3,000 hours of total documented flight time (1700 hours for tactical military pilots)
  • Minimum of 1,500 hours of fixed wing turboprop or turbofan time
  • Minimum of 1,000 hours of Pilot-in-Command time
Preferred Requirements
  • EMB0170/175/190/195 Experience
  • Check Airman or Flight Instructor Experience in Part 121 or Part 135 Operations
  • FCC Radiotelephone Operator's Permit (RP)
  • DOT required pre-employment drug test and a medical exam administered by California Pacific
  • TSA required fingerprint based Criminal History Records Check and a California Pacific background check

When evaluating the flight time of applicants meeting the basic qualifications, consideration will be given to, among other things, quality, quantity, recency, and verifiability of training; complexity of aircraft flown; types of flight operations; and hours flown as PIC in turbine powered aircraft. Preferred requirements will be considered when screening for our Initial Cadre of Check Airmen and our first group of Captains. All applicants invited to interview must provide appropriate documentation of all flight hours, and must be a match for the CP Air values, which are located on our website.

Applications for employment as a California Pacific pilot must be submitted through AirlineApps.com. Applications for California Pacific pilot positions may be submitted free of charge, though a fee may be charged if you wish to join AirlineApps as a member for added features. If you are already a member of the AirlineApps system, sign in to your account and add California Pacific to your target listing.

New users can create an account to begin the application process.

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