Endeavor Air Pilots See First Year Pay Climb Higher than $60,000


Combined compensation package includes increased $10,000 training completion bonus

(Minneapolis, Min.. -- 10/31/16) New hire pilots at Endeavor Air learned Monday that their first year pay would climb higher than $60,000 in combined compensation, thanks to a $10,000 training completion bonus, up from $3,000 previously.

Endeavor now offers the highest first year combined compensation among regional carriers, but that’s just the beginning. With upgrades ranging from 18 months for a newly hired First Officer, to as fast as a nine months for an experienced Part 121 pilot, the earnings potential for a pilot hired at Endeavor is the richest in the regional industry. A first year Captain at Endeavor will earn more than $83,000 in combined compensation.

Additionally, Endeavor is the only airline to offer the Delta Guaranteed Interview Program, a direct pathway for pilots to secure an interview at Delta Air Lines.

"Paying a pilot $60,000 in his or her first year is only part of the picture," said Ryan Gumm, President & CEO, Endeavor Air. "We know that to be able to attract a pilot to join our team, we need to offer defined career progression and an environment where they can thrive. We are proud to offer all three."

"Our approach to pilot recruitment starts with how we treat candidates," noted John Daly, Chief Operating Officer, Endeavor Air. "We know these pilots have a choice in where they can start or continue their careers. Our goal is to deliver on what we’re selling, which starts up front with our pilots, giving them industry leading compensation, the most reliable aircraft in the sky, and an environment that allows them to thrive during their careers at Endeavor -- and eventually Delta."

This industry leading rate of $60,000 combined compensation is based off of monthly guarantee, the $10,000 training completion bonus, and a $20,000 annual retention payment – paid out over three payouts throughout a pilot’s first year. After year one, every pilot on property earns an additional, contractually guaranteed $23,000 annual retention payment for each year they’re employed at Endeavor.

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