Job Details

Position Summary:

Coordinate the correction of mechanical irregularities that may develop during flight operations and monitor the status of out-of-service aircraft

Essential Functions:


  • Issue control numbers for all reported aircraft discrepancies
  • Authorize MEL/CDL.NAI deferrals in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Company’s General Procedures Manual
  • Maintain current deferred discrepancy information to ensure timely repair of these discrepancies
  • Notify Dispatch of all MEL/CDL/NAI items that may impact flight operations
  • Notify appropriate maintenance management of any incident or accident involving Company equipment or personnel
  • Supervise and provide technical guidance to line, on-call and/or contract maintenance personnel as required
  • Communicate the status of out-of-service and spare aircraft, ferry flights, mechanical delays and cancellations (via text paging, conference calls, emails, etc.) to all concerned departments as situations occur
  • Notify the Quality Assurance Department when the need to authorize additional RII personnel is identified at any location, including other air carriers
  • Coordinate the routing of appropriate parts, equipment and personnel to out-of-service aircraft as required
  • Ensure ferry flights and test flights are conducted in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Company’s General Procedures Manual
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Manager of Maintenance Control
  • Perform additional tasks as specified in the CASS/Reliability section of the Company’s General Procedures Manual


Minimum Job Requirements:


  • Working knowledge of aircraft systems and FAA regulations
  • Working computer knowledge, data entry skills
  • Hold a Mechanic’s Certificate with Airframe and Powerplant ratings
  • Have three years experience in maintaining the same category and class of aircraft as used by the Company


  • Three years of experience as a Maintenance Controller for another 121 Air Carrier


  • Three years mechanic experience within the Company maintaining at least one aircraft type operated within the Company 



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