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Endeavor Air welcomes all interested applicants having the necessary qualifications and work experience to make our team the best in aviation. We take pride in hiring the most qualified candidates; individuals who desire to grow and develop their careers with Endeavor Air, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines.

While job requirements vary from position to position, all Endeavor Air employees must be at least 18 years of age, possess a high school diploma or GED, and be authorized to work in the United States.

How to Apply

All current open positions are listed below. Please select the desired job from by clicking on the "Details" tab next to that job. From the Details page, select "Apply Now" at the bottom of the page.

You will then be prompted to login to your existing Airline Apps account or you must create a new one. Throughout this process, it is very important to carefully read all questions and instructions prior to answering.

Review your online application for accuracy and completeness and ensure you "Publish" your application otherwise it will not be considered.

Pilot Applicants: Please complete the online application through Airline Apps. If you already have an application, please sign in to your account and add Endeavor Air to your target listing. If you are a new applicant, please create a new account and apply.

We wish you the best of luck and hope to have you join Endeavor Air in the near future.

Accommodation for Applicants With Disabilities:
Endeavor Air is an Equal Employment Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer and provides reasonable accommodation in its application process for qualified individuals with disabilities and disabled veterans. If you have difficulty using our online system due to a disability and need an accommodation, you may email us at or alternatively send a fax to 901-432-5449. In order to quickly respond to your request, please use the words "Accommodation Request" as the subject line of your email or as the title of your fax document.

Current Job Postings

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Close Date Job # Job Title Location Details
5/29/2015 TO-2014-339 Aircraft Maintenance Technician Cincinnati, OH (CVG) Details
5/29/2015 TO-2015-114 Aircraft Maintenance Technician Minneapolis, MN (MSP) Details
5/29/2015 TO-2015-126 Aircraft Maintenance Technician Detroit, MI (DTW) Details
8/5/2015 TO-2015-170 Aircraft Maintenance Technician Knoxville, TN (TYS) Details
8/7/2015 TO-2015-172 Aircraft Maintenance Technician Des Moines, IA (DSM) Details
8/7/2015 TO-2015-173 Aircraft Maintenance Technician Jamaica, NY (JFK) Details
8/7/2015 TO-2015-175 Aircraft Maintenance Technician Flushing, NY (LGA) Details
8/19/2015 TO-2015-181 Aircraft Maintenance Technician Mosinee, WI (CWA) Details
8/19/2015 TO-2015-182 Aircraft Maintenance Technician Indianapolis, IN (IND) Details
8/19/2015 TO-2015-179 Avionics Technician Cincinnati, OH (CVG) Details
8/19/2015 TO-2015-180 Avionics Technician Indianapolis, IN (IND) Details
8/5/2015 TO-2015-166 Avionics Technician Jamaica, NY (JFK) Details
8/5/2015 TO-2015-168 Avionics Technician Flushing, NY (LGA) Details
8/29/2015 TO-2015-154 Avionics Technician Detroit, MI (DTW) Details
6/1/2015 CRNP-2015-177 Crew Resources System Administrator Minneapolis, MN (MSP) Details
Ongoing FO-2015-111 Flight Operations Ground Instructor Minneapolis, MN (MSP) Details
5/21/2915 HR-2015-176 HR Administration Specialist Minneapolis, MN (MSP) Details
8/5/2015 TO-2015-169 Hub Maintenance Coordinator Flushing, NY (LGA) Details
8/5/2015 TO-2015-167 Hub Maintenance Coordinator Jamaica, NY (JFK) Details
6/19/2015 HR-2015-184 Human Resources Coordinator Minneapolis, MN (MSP) Details
6/4/2015 HR-2015-188 Human Resources Generalist Minneapolis, MN (MSP) Details
8/19/2015 TO-2015-183 Inspector Mosinee, WI (CWA) Details
8/19/2015 TO-2015-185 Inspector Flushing, NY (LGA) Details
5/28/2015 FO-2015-170 Internal Evaluation Auditor Minneapolis, MN (MSP) Details
5/29/2015 To-2015-130 Lead Aircraft Maintenance Technician Jamaica, NY (JFK) Details
5/29/2015 TO-2015-145 Lead Aircraft Maintenance Technician Flushing, NY (LGA) Details
5/29/2015 TO-2015-161 Lead Aircraft Maintenance Technician Detroit, MI (DTW) Details
5/29/2015 TO-2015-162 Lead Aircraft Maintenance Technician Knoxville, TN (TYS) Details
8/19/2015 TO-2015-186 Lead Aircraft Maintenance Technician Mosinee, WI (CWA) Details
8/19/2015 TO-2015-187 Lead Aircraft Maintenance Technician Minneapolis, MN (MSP) Details
6/4/2015 TO-2015-164 Maintenance Controller Minneapolis, MN (MSP) Details
5/30/2015 TO-2015-147 Maintenance Planner Minneapolis, MN (MSP) Details
5/29/2015 TO-2015-117 Maintenance Supervisor Flushing, NY (LGA) Details
8/7/2015 TO-2015-171 Maintenance Supervisor Cincinnati, OH (CVG) Details
6/15/2015 TO-2015-152 Manager Technical Data Control Minneapolis, MN (MSP) Details
6/4/2015 TO-2015-165 Materials Coordinator Minneapolis, MN (MSP) Details
5/25/2015 TO-2015-160 Purchasing Agent Minneapolis, MN (MSP) Details
5/25/2015 TO-2015-178 Repair Specialist Minneapolis, MN (MSP) Details
8/7/2015 TO-2015-174 Stores Clerk Jamaica, NY (JFK) Details
6/5/2015 TO-2015-171 Stores Clerk Knoxville, TN (TYS) Details
6/21/2015 TO-2015-157 Stores Clerk Minneapolis, MN (MSP) Details
6/21/2015 TO-2015-138 Stores Clerk Detroit, MI (DTW) Details
5/29/2015 TO-2015-140 Stores Clerk Flushing, NY (LGA) Details