Trans States Airlines - Captain Qualified First Officer

Trans States serves over 4.5 million passengers a year, with approximately 237 daily flights providing service to over 70 cities in North America. Trans States operates the Embraer 145 on behalf of United Airlines (as United Express). Headquartered in St. Louis, Trans States has crew domiciles in Chicago, Denver, St. Louis, and Raleigh- Durham.

Now offering a $50,000 CQFO signing bonus in Year One!

  • $20,000 during training (first paycheck)
  • $10,000 upon completion of IOE
  • $20,000 after one year of service

Instant Upgrades for Pilots Meeting 121 Captain Minimums

Here's how it works:

  1. Start training as a Captain Qualified First Officer and earn CQFO pay during training.
  2. Upgrade in training and go through Captain IOE
  3. Bid a Captain line and earn Captain pay after passing IOE

If you've spent years waiting to upgrade at another regional, this program is for you. Take advantage of this great opportunity to start earning PIC time.

Captain Qualified First Officer Hiring Requirements

  • 1,750 hours total time
  • 1,000 hours multi-engine time
  • 1,000 FAR Part 121 time (Time can be a combination of Part 121 and Part 135 time. Time for this qualification is considered on a case-by-case basis.)

Pilot Pay

CQFOs earn $52.36 when flying as a First Officer (training pay) and $66.70 when flying as a Captain.

Referral & Mentor Bonuses

Pilots can earn a $10,000 bonus for each pilot candidate they recommend that is hired and completes training. And there is no cap on referrals, which means that pilots have the opportunity to earn a lot of extra cash.

All of our pilots have a 75 hour minimum monthly guarantee. We also offer:

  • * 75 hour minimum monthly guarantee (our pilots average 82 hours per month)
  • * 100% cancellation and deadhead pay
  • * 150-200% premium pay
  • * Per diem at $1.90/hour
  • * Leg-by-leg pay protection
  • * 4 commuter hotels per month
  • * Performance bonuses
  • * Paid airport parking

Reserve Your Seniority Program

Our seniority reservation program allows new hire pilots to come to training for two days, and then leave for up to 90 days to complete other commitments. When pilots return to training, they already have up to 90 days of seniority.

Seniority determines everything for pilots, including schedule, base assignment, and upgrade time. Pilots are more likely to get their preferred base assignment right out of training with three months of seniority backing their bid.


Initial flight crew training is conducted at the Trans States Airlines Training Center in St. Louis, MO. Single occupancy hotel accommodations and transportation to and from our training center are provided for the duration of training.

Interview Your Way

We know that finding the time to interview can be tough, especially if you're flying for another airline. That's why we give our pilot candidates the option of interviewing in person or via Skype. Just let the recruiter know what your preference is.

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