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What is AviateSM?

AviateSM is a redesigned and reinvigorated pilot development program to source the best pilot talent to operate United Airlines and United Express fleets into the future. AviateSM focuses on engaging pilots earlier in their career so United can help them grow and develop. AviateSM will offer future pilots accessible information about all the ways they can progress to our airline and spotlight why United is the best place to land. Those who apply to AviateSM and are successful in the selection process will not have to interview for a pilot position with United again. AviateSM will also provide support, mentorship and coaching for pilots to develop into leaders whom exemplify the professionalism and level of excellence that United expects from its pilots.

Why AviateSM?

United's success depends upon its ability to attract and retain talented pilots to operate its aircraft and ensure that its passengers are delivered safely and reliably to the 350+ destinations across the globe served by United and United Express. At the same time, United understands that the costs associated with becoming a pilot are significant. Aviate is designed to ease some of the uncertainty faced by flight students and aspiring airline pilots by providing a path to potential employment with United, and clear direction on the qualifications and milestones that must be achieved in order to advance down this path.

Which AviateSM entry point should I apply for?

As mentioned above, flight students and commercial pilots who wish to apply to Aviate have multiple available entry points into the program. Each entry point has specific eligibility criteria, characteristics, and requirements that are determined primarily by the Candidate's experience level and current certifications. As a result, not all entry points are available to, or appropriate for, all Candidates, so it is important that each Candidate understand which is best for his or her career progression.

  • University Entry Point. Candidates who hold a minimum of a private pilot's certificate and are currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in a United-approved aviation major from a participating four-year university are eligible for Aviate's University Entry Point. (CFI's should apply via the Experience Build entry point)

  • Professional Flight Training Entry Point. Candidates who are pursuing a Commercial Pilot Certificate, certified flight instructor certificate (CFI), certified flight instructor-instrument (CFII), or multiengine instructor (MEI) Certificate at a participating professional flight training organization, are eligible for Aviate's Professional Flight Training Entry Point.

  • Experience Build Entry Point. Candidates who are building hours towards an ATP or R-ATP are eligible for Aviate's Experience Build Entry Point. In order to apply to Aviate through the Experience Build Entry Point, a Candidate must have accepted an offer with an employment start date that is within six calendar months of the date of applying to Aviate or be currently employed as either a CFI at a participating professional flight training organization or university, or a commercial pilot at a participating Part 135 operator.

  • UAX Entry Point. Candidates who are currently employed as a pilot at a participating United Express carrier or have accepted an offer of employment from a participating United Express carrier, are eligible for Aviate's UAX Entry Point.

This application is only the UAX Entry Point. For all other entry points please go to Aviate

AviateSM UAX Entry Point

Candidates who have completed or are nearing completion of the necessary flight hours to be eligible for their ATP or R-ATP, are encouraged to apply through the AviateSM UAX Entry Point. To be eligible to apply to the AviateSM program through the UAX Entry Point, a candidate must either:

  1. have accepted an offer of employment from a participating United Express carrier* with an initial training class date that is within six calendar months.
  2. be currently employed as a pilot at a participating United Express carrier*
  3. be a former United Flight Ops intern who is currently working at a Part 121 regional carrier (must have started prior to March 1, 2020)
* AviateSM participating United Express carriers include:
  • Air Wisconsin
  • CommutAir
  • GoJet
  • Mesa Airlines

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