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Director of Safety and Regulatory Compliance

The Director of Safety is autonomous and separate from other departments and reports to the President of Freedom Airlines concerning all safety matters. He has immediate and uninhib­ited access to all management personnel and all areas of operations. He is authorized to con­duct audits, inspections, and investigations of any aspect of the operation. This position is separate from and operates outside of normal Operations and Maintenance Quality Control or Quality Assurance Programs. He is the confidential recipient and investigator of information from any employee who wishes to have real or perceived fraudulent or unsafe practices reviewed.

  1. Qualifications
    1. Training: Completion of an aviation safety education program or partici­pation in industry safety meetings, conferences, and schools.
    2. Experience: Extensive operational experience and professional knowledge and understanding of aviation safety programs, standards, and safe operating prac­tices.
    3. Expertise: An FAA airline transport pilot certificate; or three years supervisory experience with a Part 121 air carrier, or a comparable military or U.S. Govern­ment position.
    4. Knowledge: Full understanding of Airline Operations Specifications, required manuals and appropriate maintenance and airworthiness requirements of 14 CFR Chapter I (Parts 1 through 199)
  2. Responsibilities
    1. Responsible for and has authority over the Safety Program and the maintenance and revision of the Safety Program Manual.
    2. Responsible for and has the authority over the Internal Evaluation Program and the maintenance and revision of the Internal Evaluation Manual.
    3. Reviews and evaluates the accuracy of the emergency response plan; initiates appropriate tests. Assists in design and development of the Crisis Management Center and coordinates activities. Maintains and revises the Emergency Manual.
    4. Oversees the Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program and maintains and revises the Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program.
    5. Chairman of the Operations Safety Committee.
    6. Chairman of the Flight Safety Committee.
    7. Member of the Technical Publications Review Board.
    8. Interfaces with Freedom Airlines Directors and Managers and their associated programs; serves as a safety resource and consultant; assures that regulatory compliance issues are addressed.
    9. Collect and submit records to FAA when exemption 5487 is utilized.
    10. Responsible for voluntary self discloser reporting in accordance with AC 00-58.
    11. Perform other duties as assigned by the President.


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