ATP Transition

Avelo Airlines

Job Summary

This program is designed to identify candidates from ATP Flight School to provide them a direct pathway to a career as an Avelo pilot.

Basic Student Qualifications

For a student to be qualified for interview under this Agreement, he or she must meet the following qualifications:


Avelo requires the following initial qualifications prior to being offered a conditional job offer:

  • Receive a recommendation from ATP
  • Successfully pass an interview with Avelo
  • No disciplinary records from the previous 24 calendar months
  • Apply online via Airline Apps
  • Successful completion of a background check, drug screen, motor vehicle records check, logbook check and fingerprint submission

Pilot Specific

Avelo requires the following qualifications prior to being assigned a class date, along with the items listed under a. General:

  • No more than two check ride failures during pilot training at ATP
  • No accidents or incidents on their pilot record
  • No certificate enforcement action (pending or adjudicated) on their pilot record
  • First Class medical certificate
  • ATP license, or ability to obtain license when experience permits
  • Successful completion of the ATM Knowledge Test and Jet Transition Course