Endeavor Air - First Officer

Endeavor Air, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, strives to operate the safest, most reliable jet air service in the regional airline industry. With nearly 5,000 employees working as one, Endeavor takes pride in delivering flights to over 130 destinations across North America. Endeavor operates the world's largest fleet of MHI CRJ-900 NextGen aircraft, as well as the CRJ-700 and CRJ-200 regional jets. With a growing fleet, 6 crew and 11 maintenance bases, Endeavor offers limitless potential for aviation professionals looking to start or continue their careers.

Endeavor Air Offers Richest Pilot Compensation Package in Regional Industry
  • First year earning potential is $66,000+, includes $10,000 training completion bonus
  • First year hourly rate of pay is $52.19
  • Year 3 Captains earning potential is $103,000+, $99.40/hourly rate
ATP-CTP Sponsored Training
  • Endeavor can help well-qualified pilot candidates finish up their ATP-CTP certification process by providing company-sponsored training with our ATP training partner.
Delta Guaranteed Interview Program
  • Endeavor is the ONLY regional carrier to offer a guaranteed interview program with Delta Air Lines. Once all program qualifications are met, Endeavor pilots are offered the opportunity to interview with Delta. No Job knowledge test, preferential scoring credit and repeat opportunities are all part of our enhanced DGI program with Delta Air Lines.
Commuter Policy
  • Endeavor's commuter policy mirrors Delta's. Positive space travel is offered to all pilots when commuting to their base to report to work.

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