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The 135 Chief Pilot position is required by regulation under 14 CFR 119.69 and 119.71 to ensure the highest degree of safety in the operation. The 135 Chief Pilot’s primary role is to serve and support the pilot group operating under CFR 135.


  • Reports to the Director of Operations (DO)
  • Authorized by the Director of Operations to exercise Operational Control.
  • Must be highly knowledgeable in applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Company Manuals, and all related policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for the Pilot Records Improvement Act (PRIA) process, in determining hiring eligibility for 135 crew members. The 135 CP has the authority to create and modify the policies, procedures, information, and instructions for the process and to make decisions regarding safety risk acceptance involving the PRIA process.
  • Responsible for, and has authority over, 135 flight crew members employed by the Company.
  • Acts as a liaison between 135 crew members and other managers.
  • May plan and modify routes for Company aircraft in 135 operations.
  • Responsible for the assignment and scheduling of all 135 pilots.
  • Maintain an adequate roster of properly qualified, current, and available pilots to meet Company requirements at all times.
  • Ensures that no person is assigned or maintained as an active crew member unless that person meets the requirements and currency of CFR 135, and ensures that proper certification is included in each crew member's record prior to assignment.
  • Responsible for establishing a ground and flight training program for 135 crew members which meets or exceeds FAA and Company requirements.
  • Ensure that all pilots assigned to flight duty meet the applicable requirements, and that the certification for these requirements is maintained in the crew member’s record.
  • Assure the validity of the required crew member certificates for all flight personnel by making certain that photocopies or verifications of licenses and renewals are included in each crew member’s record.
  • Monitor crew member currency and legality, and remove any crew member from the schedule prior to the expiration of any applicable qualification requirement.
  • Prepare and distribute applicable crew member instructions, bulletins, and manual information.
  • May serve as PIC in 135 operations, adhering to all applicable provisions and regulations.
  • Serve as company representative for the Aviation Safety Action Program.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • The 135 CP must satisfy the applicable management qualifications of 14 CFR 119.69, or be approved under the deviation authority granted by the FAA.
  • The 135 CP must meet the experience requirements of 14 CFR 119.71(a) and (b), or be approved under the deviation authority granted by the FAA.


  • The 135 CP may be required to travel to various locations and events as a representative of Mountain Air Cargo.
  • The 135 CP is expected to maintain currency and proficiency in respective aircraft and operations, unless otherwise approved by the Director of Operations.


  • 135 Assistant Chief Pilots
  • 135 Crew Schedulers
  • 135 Pilots


  • Remain current and qualified in at least one aircraft type, unless otherwise approved by the Director of Operations.


  • The work performed by the 135 CP typically takes place in an office environment. However, certain duties may involve moderate exposure to airport and aircraft operations.


  • Ability to travel to offsite locations (up to 50%)

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