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At Piedmont Airlines, we are proud of what we do each and every day. Our pilots are some of the best in the industry, our safety record is unparalleled, and we offer outstanding benefits and travel privileges. From coast to coast, Piedmont employs over 7000 aviation professionals in customer service, maintenance and flight operations. Start here and see how far you can go. Ready to join us?


Piedmont’s flexible cadet program pays you to build time. Interview with just 400 hours and earn $25,500 in bonuses as you work toward ATP/R-ATP minimums. Piedmont cadets also receive full flight benefits from American Airlines.

From Instructor to Airline Pilot

Piedmont Airlines’ Cadet Program, available at select universities and flight schools, is designed to help the most promising future pilots make a smooth transition from instructor to mainline pilot.

Through a seniority-based flow through program, pilots at Piedmont graduate to guaranteed jobs at American Airlines, the largest airline in the world, from flying the youngest fleet among the U.S. legacy carriers.

Cadets receive Piedmont support as their hours, training and experience grow.

Become a Piedmont Cadet

Become a Piedmont Cadet

Facts About the Program

Piedmont offers the most flexible cadet program in the industry. Cadets may build hours any way they wish, and are not locked in to a partner school. Along the way, cadets have full access to American Airlines flight benefits, as well as mentors, events and networking that will help you become a better pilot.

Piedmont will pay for your ATP-CTP course and test (valued at $5,000), along with hotel accommodations and ground transportation during the course. Once you complete the ATP-CTP course and exam, you’ll be placed into the next available new hire class at Piedmont, with no additional interview required.

For more information, Visit https://piedmont-airlines.com/pilots/cadet-program/

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