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Logistics Solutions at Jet Speed

Since 1994, USA Jet Airlines has provided premium, on-demand air cargo transportation services to the North American manufacturing industry. Servicing as an integral part of the Ascent Global Logistics Network, USA Jet routinely provides the time-critical airlift necessary to reinforce the supply chains of customers such as Ford, General Motors and Tesla. With decades of diverse experience in domestic and international cargo transportation, USA Jet is a proven leader in the air cargo industry.

Our Mission

We elevate the world of logistics through passion and innovation.

What You'll Do

The Captain is directly responsible administratively to the Chief Pilot, but shares operational control during 121 operations with the Director of Operations. The captain maintains authority over the crew to which he or she is assigned for 121 operations.

  • The safe and efficient conduct of the flight to which he/she is assigned. Has final authority on whether or not a flight may be dispatched and/or released based on all regulatory requirements and USA Jet approved/ accepted manuals. At no time will the aircraft be operated in a careless or reckless manner, so as to endanger life or property. If the Pilot-in-Command knows of conditions, including airport and runway conditions, that are a hazard to safe operations he/she shall restrict or suspend operations until those conditions are corrected
  • During each assigned flight, the Pilot-in-Command is in command of the aircraft and crew and is responsible for the safety of the passengers, cargo, all cabin Crewmembers, and aircraft. The Pilot-in-Command has full control and authority in the operation of the aircraft, without limitation during flight time, whether or not he holds valid certifications authorizing him to perform the duties of those Crewmembers
  • Compliance with all regulations and policies promulgated by both the FAA and the air carrier for the conduct of the flight. To include all preflight, planning, applicable FARs, air carrier Manuals, and Operations Specifications
  • Prior to flight, the Pilot-in-Command will be thoroughly familiar with reported and forecast weather conditions, airport conditions, and any irregularities of navigation facilities that may affect the safety of flight on the route to be flown
  • During the flight, the Pilot-in-Command shall obtain any additional available information of meteorological conditions and irregularities of facilities and services that may affect the safety of the flight
  • Determining that his/her crew is legally certified, adequately rested, and in uniform
  • Ensuring that the aircraft to which he/she is assigned is properly equipped in compliance with the applicable FARs pertaining to the equipment, aeronautical charts, and manuals required for the type of flight to be flown
  • For cargo operations, participate or facilitate in the loading/off loading, distribution, and proper securing of cargo determines that the weight and balance is within the prescribed limits and the load manifest is completed in accordance with air carrier procedures
  • With passengers on board, determines weight and balance is within the prescribed limits and is accurate and in accordance with all applicable FARs and the air carriers' Manuals
  • Ensures that the proper and required aircraft inspection for operational soundness has been completed and that all communications and navigation equipment are functional
  • The completion of all forms required by the FARs and USA Jet Manuals prior to, during, and at termination of the flight to which he/she is assigned
  • Performs post-flight inspection of the aircraft noting any abnormalities that could adversely affect the safe, expeditious dispatch of subsequent flights
  • Assist other Crewmembers as necessary
  • Act as Customer Resolution Officer (CRO) and will be responsible for resolving customer-related problems including, but not limited to, disruptive passengers from the time the aircraft moves under its own power until aircraft shutdown. Captain/CRO will advise the Director of Operations and, when applicable, local law enforcement and/or FAA officials of any occurrence. The Captain will follow the USA Jet accident/ incident/occurrence reporting procedures contained under separate cover
  • The Pilot-in-Command is jointly responsible with the Director of Operations for the operational control of the flight, including the initiation, continuation, diversion, and termination, in compliance with this General Operations Manual and USA Jet Operations Specifications
  • Responsible for ensuring that all discrepancies are properly entered on the Flight Log and/or Irregularity Report Form, as applicable
  • Perform duties of In-Flight Security Coordinator (ISC) pursuant to applicable TSA requirements
  • Execute applicable ground security requirements as mandated by the TSA. Duties shall include but not be limited to:
    • Ground Security Coordinator (GSC)
    • Aircraft security requirements
    • Cargo security requirements
    • Passenger security requirements
  • Ensure that all air cargo is accepted, inspected, loaded, and secured aboard the aircraft in accordance with all applicable domestic/ international regulatory and Company requirements
  • Responsible to actively participate in USA Jet Safety Programs and Safety Management System. Required to report all safety concerns in a timely manner. Required to ensure that they and their co-workers are performing their functions in the safest possible manner. Required to follow the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health organization with legal authority at the location at which they are working

What You'll Bring

  • Must hold the appropriate licenses and certificates as defined in USA Jet's manuals and FAA regulations
  • Must complete the training, checking, and qualification requirements as defined in USA Jet approved/accepted manuals
  • Must be able to read, write, and speak English fluently

Ascent's Competitive Benefits

  • 401(k) and employer matching
  • Life Insurance
  • Health, Dental, Vision Insurance
  • Short- & Long-Term Disability
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Employee Wellness Program
  • Paid Holidays
  • Employee Recognition Programs
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Overtime, Differential, Trip & Bonus Pay
  • Additional Considerations

Employment is not contingent upon COVID-19 vaccination status