First Officer

iAero Airways

The First Officer reports to the Pilot in Command (PIC) assigned to his/her flight, and overall, to the Chief Pilot for iAero Airways LLC. The First Officer is responsible for flight-specific assigned duties and has authority over assigned tasks as the Pilot Flying (PF) or Pilot Monitoring (PM). The successful candidate will have a current Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate, and a passion for providing VIP service to our Elite Clientele.


  • 737 flight time preferred or large aircraft
  • Turbine Time preferred
  • Worked for a FAR part 121 airline preferred
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure, multitask and make critical decisions in a fast paced environment
  • Possess a current Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate with no limitations in their possession.
  • Maintain a current FAA 1st class medical certificate
  • Total Time: 2,500 hours
  • Multi Engine Land: 500 hours
  • Valid Passport Required.
  • Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit (RRO).
  • Bachelors degree preferred.
  • High School Diploma or GED equivalent Required.
  • Able to freely travel to/from the United States, Canada and countries worldwide without restriction.
  • Able to relocate, live or commute to IWA, MIA or Home Basing* based upon seniority and company need.

* Home Basing means travel to and from provided by the iAero Airways to your assignment wherever the aircraft may be located.