We are excited to announce our newest 737 operator...

We are excited to announce our newest 737 operator, “Transair” in Honolulu, Hawaii. Transair is an approved FAA, Part 121 Certificated Air Carrier, providing Air Cargo and Aviation specific FBO services throughout the State of Hawaii. Locally owned, they are proud to be the longest running cargo airline in Hawaii with uninterrupted service to their clients since 1982. They provide superior Air Cargo Flight Services throughout the State of Hawaii 24/7 and 365 days a year. Transair is a family run business with a friendly and professional work environment that offers an “island schedule” and a great opportunity to live and fly in Hawaii.

Transair is currently hiring direct entry Captains and First Officers.


    U.S. citizenship or resident alien status (green card)
    High school diploma or equivalent
    B737 Type rating preferred, but not required
    ATP - airplane, multi-engine land
    Current FAA First Class medical certificate taken within 6 months of 1st day of ground-school (waivers only accepted on a case by case basis)
    Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug test, 5-year background check, 10-year criminal history check and security threat assessment

Captain Minimums (Direct Entry Captain):
    5,000 hours total time - will consider 4,500 TT w/ experience in aircraft over 80,000 lbs MTOW
    2,500 hours turbojet
    1,000 hours flying under FAA (U.S.A.) Part 121 as SIC, or FAA Part 135 as PIC (unless “grandfathered”)
    Current and qualified as a turbojet PIC or SIC
    Served as PIC or SIC on two different types of turbojet aircraft

(Hiring in as F.O. with quick upgrade may be available for those with considerable jet experience who do not meet all the minimums above)

First Officer Minimums:
    2,000 hours total flight time
    500 hours multi-engine turboprop or multi-engine jet

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