Swift Air/iAero Airways


Dear Future Swift Air/iAero Airways Pilot,

We thank you for your interest in become a Pilot with Swift Air/iAero Airways. The industry as we know it is suffering from a blow back probably close to comparison to 9/11. We are now sharing in those difficulties with our schedule airline brothers and sisters. While we anticipated to continue hiring heavily into the summer even with the threat of the virus, the pandemic and panic caused by the virus has caused some of our business to be suspended, delayed or cancelled altogether causing an effect to our company health. While we do have a diversity of flying to keep us flying we need to ensure the future of our airline and our employees.

In order to re-surge from this pandemic Swift Air/iAero Airways has taken steps to mitigate the situation, prevent furloughs and be in position to take over flying as soon as it is made available via leagues resuming their seasons or additions of new flying through new customers. We are still actively flying and are between seasons of flying which has complicated transitions into flying types. We expect the following to be very short term.

- Destination 225 classes are delayed
- RTP Pilots time building still have job offers in effect and we will still offer positions into a future class near the completion of your time building and/or readiness for ATP/CTP as we anticipate most will be ready mid-summer and as we get closer we hope classes will have resumed, so most remain unaffected.
- Pilots in delayed assigned classes will retain their job offer and position offered, they will given the next available class when we are given the green light to re-start classes.
- Interviews scheduled for April will be postponed and re-scheduled for a future date.
- We will still review applications and keep the application pipeline open and build interview pools.
- We will postpone physical job fairs and we will attend virtual job fairs scheduled with Aero Crew and FAPA.

We will release new information as it becomes available, please stay tuned to our Facebook page and check out our website IflyiAero.com for more information. If you do have any questions about a class or previously scheduled interview please reach out to us at iaero@airlineapps.com.
Everyone please be safe and we will be back shortly!
Swift Air / iAero Pilot Recruitment Team & Chief Pilot - Giulio Marciano