Thank you for being a part of Airline Apps!


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues across our country, I want to offer hope and reassurance that we will get through this. Airline Apps, Inc. has been around for 18 years and we have seen the highs and lows of the airline industry. Although it may appear the entire industry is struggling, there is hope.

When we exit this unprecedented time, the airlines will still need pilots and there will continue to be retirements, which is why some of our airlines are still taking applications and interviewing today. Analysts are expecting profitable years as early as next year which means increased flying and a return to hiring.

As the entire world and especially the airline industry goes through the cost cutting mode of cutting service, salaries, etc. in order to save cash, Airline Apps, Inc. has decided to spend some cash.

Today, Airline Apps, Inc. will donate $10,000 to the CDP COVID-19 Response Fund ( In addition, Airline Apps will donate 100% of its membership profits for the entire second quarter to this and other organizations that need extra help.

You are all an integral part of a vital industry in our worldwide economy. Thank you for trusting us with your career. We are here for whatever you need, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer care department with questions.

Thank you and fly safe!

Plato Rhyne
Airline Apps, Inc.