SkyWest Airlines is Hiring Direct Entry Captains (DEC)

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SkyWest Airlines is excited to announce we are hiring Direct Entry Captains! As a Direct Entry Captain, you'll have access to:

  • A Guaranteed Pilot Interiew with your choice of three mainline carriers
  • Up to $40,000 in bonuses
  • Year-for-year pay match (up to a 10-year rate) that applies to your pay scale, time off accruals and profit sharing


At SkyWest you’ll also enjoy unmatched opportunities and are not limited to just one future career path.


Guranteed Pilot Interviews

Interested in flying for a mainline carrier? SkyWest is the only regional airline offering a Guaranteed Pilot Interview with Delta, United and Alaska Airlines (or all three). This ensures you have the flexibility and options to pursue the carrier that you want most. As a Direct Entry Captain you can opt-into this program and secure an interview with the carrier(s) of your choice in just 24 months. Interviews are held regularly with SkyWest captains being interviewed each month.


$40,000 Bonus

New Direct Entry Captains at SkyWest are now eligible for up to $40,000! This incentive is paid out based on specific milestones: $5,000 after completing upgrade LOE, $5,000 six months after completing upgrade LOE, $10,000 12 months after completing upgrade LOE and $20,000 24 months after completing upgrade LOE.


Apply today and Take Control of Your Career.

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Direct Entry Captains

SkyWest is now hiring Direct Entry Captains. Submit or update your application now!

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