USA Jet Joins Airline Apps!

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USA Jet Joins Airline Apps!

We're excited to announce the newest member to join the Airline Apps family: USA Jet Airlines.

The Air Charter Experts

Since 1994, USA Jet Airlines has provided premium, on-demand air cargo transportation services to the North American manufacturing industry. Serving as an integral part of the Ascent Global Logistics Network, USA Jet routinely provides the time-critical airlift necessary to reinforce the supply chains of customers such as Ford, General Motors and Tesla. With decades of diverse experience in domestic and international cargo transportation, USA Jet is a proven leader in the air cargo industry.

Some Quick Facts About USA Jet:

  • Over 60,000 trips successfully executed
  • Over $2bn in annual revenue
  • Ranked as the top North American premium expedite provider

USA Jet is a trusted partner to thousands of small to medium-sized through Fortune 500 companies, all relying on USA Jet to deliver when it matters most! The USA Jet team is known for going above and beyond, taking pride in everything we do for our customers and each other.

First Officers

USA Jet is currently hiring First Officers.

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Direct Entry Captains

USA Jet is also hiring Direct Entry Captains.

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