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Best Path to Delta
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The Best Path to Delta

Is Delta your goal? Endeavor Air is the best place to start! Endeavor offers the only contractual and guaranteed career pathway to Delta Air Lines through our exclusive Career Advancement Pathway. You could be eligible to advance to Delta after just 24 months as an Endeavor Captain.

FACT: Under current projections, a pilot who starts with Endeavor in July 2022 will have an estimated Delta seniority month of May-July 2026. A Direct Entry Captain starting in July 2022 will have a projected Delta seniority month of July-September 2024.

Want to hear more about the path to Delta? Hear from a few Endeavor alumni about their journey to the Delta flight deck by clicking below.

Best Path to Delta

PLUS: In exchange for a pilot’s talent and experience, Endeavor offers a generous sign-on bonus, recognition of previous 121 time with longevity pay, and retention bonuses throughout their pilot career at Endeavor. Endeavor Air’s bonus and retention program offers new pilots up to $150,000 in bonus potential during their Endeavor career.

Whether you are just starting or continuing to advance your airline career, Endeavor is a great choice. And, if Delta is your ultimate destination, Endeavor is without a doubt the best place to start.

To learn more, visit EndeavorAir.com/pilots.

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