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Find the Pilot Path that is right for you at PSA !

PSA has a Pilot Path that matches your experience:

Direct Entry Captain - Pilots with at least 1,000 FAR-121 hours, 2,500 total flight hours (at least 500 PIC or 1,000 SIC) and 500 hours Multi-Engine Turbine can earn up to $212,915 in first year compensation

Experienced First Officer - Pilots with at least 600 FAR-121 hours can apply as an Experienced First Officer and earn up to $142,290 in first year compensation

First Officer - Wages starting at $90 per hour for First Officers at PSA

Pilots with over 600 FAR-121 hours can register below for our Virtual Experienced Pilot Information Session, occurring each Friday in September at 1:00 pm ET to get your questions answered first hand by our Pilot team.

Apply today to let your career take off at PSA.

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