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Love what you do.

Air Wisconsin

Love what you do.

Air Wisconsin is helping pilots follow their aviation dreams with our exceptional quality of life and work rules, with company stability to guide pilots throughout their careers. 

From humble Midwest beginnings in 1965, we have built on our values of safety, superior service, and smart decisions to build a strong network across the Midwest and East Coast. Starting in March of 2023, we are excited to begin our partnership with American Airlines as we transition our fleet.

There are many factors to consider when choosing your path, including elements that will significantly impact your quality of life. Here are some major items to consider. 

What are Trip & Duty Rigs?

Duty Rigs have a 2:1 guarantee. Let's say your plane experiences a mechanical issue, and you're sitting for 4 hours waiting for the plane to be fixed. Under Air Wisconsin's Duty Rigs, you'll be paid for at least 2 hours of your regular rate. If you fly for a regional without Duty Rigs, you aren't compensated for that time.

Trip Rigs work the same way with a 4:1 guarantee. For example, if you spend 85 hours away from your base during your 4 day trip, you'll be paid for at least 21.5 hours of your hourly rate. 

Duty and Trip Rigs incentivize the company to schedule trips more efficiently, meaning you're making the most out of your time away from home. You'll sit less, so you can build flight hours faster. When you do sit due to weather, maintenance, or another issue, you're still being compensated for that time. 

Commuting: Live where you want

Air Wisconsin's commuting clause gives pilots two chances to make your show time, which is when you're supposed to report for duty. If you can't make it because flights are canceled, delayed, or full, you will not be penalized and will work with crew scheduling to pick up your trip at a later date/time. We also offer up to 6 commuter hotels per month. 

Immediate Captain Upgrades

If you're ready for a change and are Captain qualified, you can apply to Air Wisconsin and once you've accepted your offer you will be placed into class and start your training in the left seat. You will not have to wait for your class date as we have immediate class dates available. 

Ready to join our growing team? Apply today and contact a recruiter with any questions.

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