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There’s never been a better time to be an Endeavor Air pilot. 

Endeavor Air Direct Entry Captains enjoy industry-leading compensation rates and can earn up to $185/hr. In addition, Endeavor offers up to $150,000 in bonus potential, a 10-year pay scale longevity match for experienced Part 121 pilots, and an exclusive, direct, and guaranteed path to Delta Air Lines.

Endeavor pilots enjoy a contractual, exclusive and guaranteed career pathway to Delta Air Lines through the Career Advancement Program – no testing or interview required. To be eligible to advance to Delta, pilots are required to spend a minimum of 24 months of active service as an Endeavor Air Captain.  

Endeavor Air pilots also enjoy:

• Policies, pay protections, and world-class benefits designed to offer enhanced quality of life as an airline pilot.

• Free and reduced-fare flight benefits on the Delta network

• An industry-leading 401(k) plan, with company match starting on Day 1.

• Customs Pay, Trip Rig, Duty Rig, 100% Deadhead Pay, 100% Cancellation Pay, and Front-End Alternate Deadhead Pay.

Under current projections, a new hire Captain can expect to advance to Delta in as little as 24 months, and a new hire First Officer with no prior Part 121 experience can expect to advance in as little as 48 months.


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