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LIMITED TIME $100,000 sign-on bonus extended through September. Apply to PSA as a Pilot.

Limited time sign-on bonus for Pilots is EXTENDED! Qualified Pilots who accept an offer by September 30 are eligible.

  • $100,000 sign-on bonus for Direct Entry Captains (at least 950 qualifying hours)
  • $75,000 sign-on bonus for Experienced Pilots (500 – 949 qualifying hours)

In addition, PSA Pilots receive:

  • Industry-leading pay starting at $146/hour for Captains and $90/hour for First Officers
  • $250/month hotel reimbursement for registered, eligible Commuters
  • Captain pay at 750 hours
  • Accelerated training course for qualified CRJ Captains
  • Five commutable bases
  • Travel privileges on American Airlines Network

Your experience matters at PSA. Apply today to let your career take off as a Pilot.

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