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Advance to Delta in as little as 24 months as a Direct Entry Captain

Is your final destination Delta Air Lines? With a direct and guaranteed path to Delta Air Lines, Direct Entry Captains advance to the mainline in as little as 24 months.

With industry-leading pay rates, a 10-year pay scale longevity match, up to $150,000 in bonus potential, and a direct and guaranteed path to Delta in as little as 24 months, there's never been a better time to join the Endeavor team as a Direct Entry Captain.

  • $40,000 in bonuses paid out at completion of OE: $10,000 Training Completion Bonus + $30,000 sign-on bonus for Part 121 experience
  • Earn up to $185/hr. Year-for-year pay scale longevity match up to our industry-leading 10-year rate.
  • An additional $110,000 in retention bonuses through our Bonus & Retention Program
  • A guaranteed job at Delta Air Lines - You are eligible to advance to Delta after 24 months as an Endeavor Captain.

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