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$100,000 No-Strings Bonus

Accelerate Your Career as a

Direct Entry Captain

In an industry marked by uncertainty, we recognize the challenges pilots face in finding a stable and rewarding path. As you explore the diverse array of opportunities available, it's essential to take a closer look at the promises being made in the market. Not all opportunities are created equal, and some may not live up to their initial allure upon closer examination.


At GoJet Airlines your journey and aspirations matter to us. Let's delve into the details and unravel why GoJet is your ultimate choice for a rewarding and accelerated aviation career.


Bonus Tied to Your Talent, Not Contracts


$100,000 No-Strings Bonus: A Reward for Your Talent

Unlike other airlines, we believe in rewarding your skills, not tying you down with complex contracts. Our $100,000 bonus is yours to keep, offering you the flexibility and freedom to control your career path without being bound by restrictive agreements. No strings attached, no contracts, and no hidden clauses.

 GoJet believes in recognizing your skills and dedication from the start, giving you the financial support you deserve as you embark on this accelerated journey with us.


Accelerate Your Journey: 2-Year Direct Path to United Airlines


Say Goodbye to Lengthy Wait Times: 5+ Year Flow to Major Airline

Consider the alternative: other airlines may offer a flow-through program, but with extended wait times. While you're waiting, your career could be accelerating with GoJet. Don't settle for a prolonged journey when you can take the express route with us.

At GoJet Airlines, we understand the importance of career progression and recognize your aspirations to join a major airline. That's why, partnered with United's Aviate Program, we are proud to offer a streamlined path getting you to your mainline career in as little as 2-years! By choosing GoJet, you're choosing a faster and more efficient path to your dream job.


Additional benefits Offering you the Quality of Life you deserve: 

  • $25,000 CL-65 Type Rating Bonus: If you're CL-65 type rated, we're offering an additional $25,000 to recognize your expertise.
  • Pay Rates $142.50 - $210:  Ensure that recognition extends to your compensation. With pay rates ranging from $142.50 to $210, we affirm our commitment to fair and competitive remuneration.
  • Longevity Match: We honor your dedicated service in the aviation industry by matching up to 18 years of your experience, ensuring your time and expertise are valued.
  • Choice of Base: You can select your preferred base from four strategic locations - St. Louis (STL), Chicago O'Hare (ORD), Washington Dulles (IAD), and Newark Liberty (EWR) – giving you the flexibility to choose your ideal work location.
  • Premium CRJ-550: GoJet Airlines exclusively operates the premium CRJ-550, providing a comfortable and efficient flying experience.
  • Organic Growth: We offer opportunities for organic growth within the airline industry as we expand our fleet and actively onboard new hire pilots, providing you with a platform for career progression.
  • 6 Commuter Hotels per Month: As an additional perk, GoJet Airlines is pleased to provide 6 Commuter Hotels per Month, ensuring you comfort and ease during your travels.
  • $1,000 Commuter Stipend for EWR Captains: To enhance your commuting experience, receive a $1,000 Commuter Stipend for captains based in Newark Liberty (EWR). This stipend is designed to contribute to your travel expenses, making your journey to and from work smoother and more convenient.

To learn more about this exceptional opportunity and our airline, please contact our talent acquisition team at PilotJobs@gojetairlines.com or apply directly through Airline Apps. We're here to answer your questions and guide you in taking the next steps toward a fulfilling career with GoJet Airlines.

We look forward to welcoming you to GoJet Airlines!

Don't Delay the Rest of Your Career.

Start with GoJet today!

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