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Piedmont Airlines
Stabilize your future wit hPiedmont

Exceptional aviators, Piedmont is the place to be. Make your move to a first-class regional airline. Bring your hours and get paid for your experience. Refer your friends for a bonus! Advance your career when you're ready to flow to American. Ease your transition with top-notch training. Reignite your passion for flying.


Own your future at Piedmont. Notice the opportunities to grow. Exemplify the pilot you aspire to be.


Secure your future. Embrace change. Value your crew, your fellow employees, your team. Encourage your peers to do the same, with our referral bonuses. Navigate a new flight deck.


Fly higher. Invest in yourself with our first-class benefits. Venture to spread your wings. Enjoy the journey and stay connected.


Stabilize your future as we build Piedmont to thrive forever.



Piedmont Airlines | 5443 Airport Terminal Rd. | Salisbury, MD 21801

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